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We have extensive experience in supplying a wide range of services such as:

Tax Advice
Development of Accounting Systems 
Maintenance of Accounting Systems
Drafting of Financial Records and Statements
Reporting on Financial Records and Statements
Interpretation of and Reporting on Financial Results
Feasibility Studies
Completion and Lodging of: 
        Tax Returns
        VAT Returns
        Workmen Compensation Returns
        Skills Levy Returns
        Workmen Compensation reconciliation 
        IRP5 certificates
        Commissioner of Compensation - 
                Wage statements
                Handling of Accident Claims
Unemployment Insurance Returns
Communication with the Receiver of Revenue
Advice on Investments
Duties as Accountants
Secretarial Services for Companies and Closed Corporations
Cash Flow Statements and Budgets 
Financial Information for Commercial Banks
Financial Information for other Financial Institutions, e.g.. Business Partners and Land Bank
Advice on and Supervision over the Installation of Computer Systems
Drafting of Trust Deeds
Estate Planning
Agent for Short Term Insurance
        S.A. Eagle